Passport Services

Passport funding is available to adults 18 years or older who have an intellectual disability and their families.

Passport funding can be used for the following services and supports:

  • Community participation
  • Activities of daily living
  • Caregiver respite
  • Person directed planning (up to $2,500.00)
  • Administration of Passport (up to 10% of Passport allocation)

Goals of Passport

Passport Services was created to:

  • Foster independence
  • Increase participation in community
  • Promote social inclusion
  • Support families and caregivers
  • Help young people transition from school to university

Passport Service Models

Passport services may be purchased from Community Living North Bay.  These services are based on the three models listed below:

Self-Directed Model

Self-directed means that families or people with funding use independent contractors to deliver the services that they require. Community Living North Bay will assist families by:

  • Providing a list of screened and skilled independent contractors.
  • Assisting with all invoicing, budgeting and administrative requirements.
  • Assisting families with service agreements with independent contractors.

Staff Model

The staff model is a full agency managed approach  to service delivery. Community Living North Bay will assist by:

  • Providing employees who are fully trained, have access to all agency resources and are experienced with supporting people with complex and challenging needs.
  • Hours of work and performance would be supervised by a Community Living North Bay Manager.
  • Assisting with all invoicing, budgeting and administrative requirements.

Person Directed Planning

Person directed planning and facilitation is a process which can be purchased for people with intellectual disabilities. Planning will vary depending on the needs of the person. Person directed planning and facilitation is about supporting independence, inclusion and choice.

PassportPicture2 Person Directed Planning:

  • Recognizes and supports individual communication styles.
  • Support people to have better lives.
  • Identifies barriers that limit access to employment and volunteer opportunities.
  • Helps to establish new relationships including connecting to community activities and resources.
  • Provides a plan designed to enhance the quality of life for each person.
  • Empowers personal decision making.
  • Provides up-to-date information on service direction.

For more information please contact:

Rosanne Filion – Manager – Planning and Coordination
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 705-476-3288 ext. 1801