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The Employment Services Team works together with Employers, Candidates and Business owners to meet the employment needs of our community. Our success is based on a formula that ensures dynamic and on-going supports are provided to the employer and candidate to assist in maintaining job and performance expectations.


What is the role of a Job Development Coordinator and Job Coach?

The Job development coordinator works in partnership with businesses and the candidates to achieve competitive employment outcomes. With the candidate, we facilitate career exploration and pre-employment training opportunities to prepare for the job market. We will help develop a professional resume, connect with employers and attend interviews if required.

Our competitive advantage is your competitive advantage.

We assist businesses in becoming “disability confident” so they can take advantage of the benefits attributed to inclusive employment practices. We offer on-going support. The Job Coach will work with employers and employees to provide coaching and act as a liaison with the employer.

What is the role of the Candidate?

We develop each employment opportunity based on the information the candidate and their support network provides us. Candidates for the program need to participate by attending courses that are suggested (literacy, advocacy, skill development), interviews that are set-up and work in partnership with the Job Development Coordinator to check sources for openings and complete employment applications.

For more information, please contact:

Manager – Employment Services and Home Style Café
741 Wallace Road, North Bay, ON
705-476-3288 ext. 1791 or [email protected]

Who’s Hiring?

Here are some employers who have taken advantage of our services and the benefits of a diversified and inclusive work force:

What Can Employment Services Do For Your Business?

Employing a Person with a Disability can have several positive impacts on your business including increased profits and lower staff turnover.  There is a strong business case for inclusive hiring practices and diverse teams.

Our Employment Services Team can dispel the myths and assist your business in becoming Disability Confident so that you can start taking advantage of the benefits of being an inclusive employer.

Employment Services understands there can be anxiety in knowing how to support an employee with a disability. Employment Services is here to educate the employer on becoming disability confident. Job Coaching is available at any time during employment.

Employment Services provides onsite coaching for everyone we support. Job Coaching is working one on one with each person to determine their strengths and support needs. A Job Coach develops a plan with steps and goals to ensure each person learns the tasks required of them until they are able to work independently.


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Tapping into the Talent Pool

Contact The Employment Services Team

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Job Path

What is JobPath?

A series of free 6-week employment readiness workshops designed for people who have a disability.

  • Situated in a welcoming and comfortable employment resource setting.
  • Provides instruction and learning via small interactive groups.
  • Assesses a person’s abilities and aptitudes to determine job suitability.
  • Provides opportunities to explore the world of work and various work settings.
  • Locates job placement opportunities which often result in employment offers.
  • Provides job search assistance and follow-up after ‘graduation’.
  • Sponsors an Alumni Club for jobPath ‘graduates’.

Who can refer and/or apply to JobPath?

  • People who have a disability and are currently receiving supports from Community living North Bay
  • Family members or Service Agencies are welcome to make referrals.

Next Session Starts: January 22, 2018


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