Why become a member of Community Living North Bay?

If you truly believe that…

every one has worth and talents to share,
every one has a role to play in our society,
we are each responsible for the community we live in,
every one has the right to receive the best possible education surrounded by his peers,
every one has the right to be included and live a full life as a true citizen,
all people should have real opportunities and corresponding choices to participate in the community and develop caring, friendly and constructive relationships with others.

Then become a member of Community Living North Bay, a not-for-profit organization that provides services to people with an intellectual disability.

By doing so, you automatically become a member of Community Living Ontario which advocates and lobbies for the rights of every one.

You are also a member of the Canadian Association for Community Living which works closely with other Agencies and the Canadian government to ensure that the rights of people with an intellectual disability are fully respected.

By buying a membership ($5) before May 3, 2018, you not only become entitled to a vote at our Annual General Meeting, June 19th but also to run for a position on our Board of Directors. Memberships can be purchased at 741 rue Wallace Road or call us at 705-476-3288.

Don’t wait!  Do it now!


Robyn Grigg