Welcome to EYC


Here at the Ontario Early Years Centre (OEYC) we welcome all families with children birth to 6 years of age. Recently we welcomed a new family from Iroquois Falls.  Three year old Carmen and 6 month old Anthony have been attending the OEYC with their parents Natalie and Lyle.  For many months this young couple lived in the area without knowing about our children’s activities. It was Natalie’s sister who suggested they “check us out”.  Now Natalie says “I am surprised that not more people know about the Early Years Centre and I tell everyone I meet”.

The timing couldn’t have been better; Lyle and Natalie had a concern for Carmen, she was expressing a fear of starting school this September. They knew they needed to find a place where Carmen could socialize and build confidence in herself and with her peers. Now after coming to the OEYC for several months Natalie says  Carmen will often say “I wonder who’s going to be there?” referring to both other children and the staff.  Carmen can often be found in the Gym or Lounge playing with her best friend Ella. These parents also noticed that the staff all have different areas of expertise and appreciate the Educators open and caring attributes.

Both Lyle and Natalie have participated in programs offered; Natalie has taken Anthony to Infant Massage and has enjoyed time with other moms at Mother’s Night Out. For Lyle participating in our Daddy and Me program offered an opportunity to converse with other dads and enjoys the adult conversation. They also liked the extracurricular events that happen during local school Professional Development days and March break.

Lyle and Natalie agree, the OEYC has been instrumental in the socialization of their children, and has been fundamental in building new relationships as parents. They now make play dates with other families that attend the Ontario Early Years Centre.