Robbie’s new apartment

Robbie loves to socialize and to be with people but his last residence it was not a safe place for him to be living due to the condition of the building. Robbie was given an eviction notice from the landlord just after Christmas last year. Robbie was devastated at first. His primary support staff reassured him that it was not his fault and that they would work very hard at finding him a new apartment that was better suited for his needs.

After an extensive search, his primary staff approached Robbie’s family to explain the situation and they shared that Robbie’s sister had a large unfinished basement that they would be willing to convert into an apartment for Robbie. Everyone was very excited about this and Robbie especially, due to the fact that he would still be close to the SIL office as well as being central to be able to continue to participate in his daily activities. Robbie moved into his new apartment in March of 2017 and very much enjoys living in the same home as his sister while still having his own space to live independently. Robbie even gets to share taking care of his sister’s cat with her.

This was Robbie’s first Christmas in his new apartment and he asked his support staff to help him with the important task of getting a new, bigger Christmas tree as he now has a lot more space to have one and he was so excited to purchase one as well as set it up and decorate.

Robbie has the safety and security of living in a great neighborhood close to routines as well as living with family nearby, in a clean and safe apartment.