Property and Maintenance – Supporting Roles

The Property and Maintenance Department strives to ensure that the daily activities of the people supported are respected and taken into consideration when maintenance, inspections or repairs are scheduled.
Scheduling requires input from Supported Persons, Staff and Managers, combined with the availability of outside Contractors/Inspectors and P&M Staff, to coordinate the work to achieve the least disruption and successful completion of each job.
When Contractors/Inspectors and P&M Staff are on site, their priority is to ensure the work gets completed in the most efficient way, while being courteous and respectful to the people we support.
It is true that consistent Contractors & Inspectors interact with most people at each site, as they have become familiar with the routines and are genuinely happy to see everyone.
It is a pleasure to continue to work with these Contractors & Inspectors who go above and beyond to be part of a supportive and accepting Community!