Johnathan Caine DJ Hiptonic

Let us introduce to you our famous DJ from our SIL program, DJ Hiptonic. Many of you may already know Jonathan Caine from different SIL events or from hearing him on Moose FM radio in the morning. He has the biggest personality and can make anyone happy.

SIL was hosting a dance during Community Living’s Month of May events and needed a DJ for the event. Jon’s upbeat personality and love to host events made him the perfect fit. Jonathan was nervous at first, but the team supported him every step of the way. He did a phenomenal job and everyone had a great time dancing the night away. A second opportunity arose when Jonathan was asked to help co-DJ the Community Living North Bay Christmas Formal. Again, no one was disappointed in how well Jon had done, helping keep everyone’s spirit up and providing great entertainment for all.

Everyone has a special talent, and Jon has definitely found his. With these two performances under his belt, he now has the confidence to attend a talent show in February hosted at Canadore College. Jon will once again have an opportunity to display his DJ talents.

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