Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Chatelain

Claudette has never had a lot of family over the years that I have known her; she had one primary family member that was amazing with her.  Life being what it is; that person was no longer able to be a part of Claudette’s life even with our support.  No one should be without someone in their life, so we began the search for Claudette’s family.  We had a few leads and tried making some contacts, all without success and were coming to the end of the search without having any luck.  By chance, we looked in the phone book to see if there might have been a name we missed, and there was!

We made contact with a long lost cousin, Mr. Vital Chatelain.  The first conversation over the phone gave us more family history for Claudette then we had ever known, and I knew then this was going to be a great new connection for Claudette.   Mr. Chatelain and I had a few more conversations over the next few weeks, each time we talked he was just as interested in getting to know Claudette as we were about getting to know him, so we set a date to meet.  On January 25, 2018, Claudette, Jennifer McCarroll (her SW) and I went to meet Mr. Chatelain and his wife Victoria.  The visit went wonderful!  We talked about everything.   Vital was able to show Claudette pictures of her family, her father as a baby, and the old family home.  Claudette was thrilled and had ear to ear smiles listening and getting to know her family history, she was so happy.


Since then Vital and Victoria have continued to be a part of Claudette’s life and have even expanded her family by introducing Claudette to their children and grandchildren.  They came to visit her at home during Easter, bring gifts and goodies, and have now even made the biggest step of all in helping Claudette by being her family contact.   Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Chatelain!

Dan Lachance